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Students line up in front of their school
A group of first graders plays drums in music class

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Supporting Friendships at School

Each of our Forest Lake Area Schools has programs and lessons in place to help students of all ages build positive relationships with each other and with school staff. This work emphasizes kindness, empathy and respect. It helps our students become part of a community and practice the essential life skills of living and working alongside people who have different backgrounds and personal characteristics.

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A boy greets another boy after getting off the school bus

Research shows that regular attendance at school truly matters. National studies show that a middle schooler who misses two or fewer days each year has a 93% chance of starting high school on track to graduate versus 66% for a child who misses 10 or more days. 

Families and systems that push for consistent attendance at school create habits that continue into adulthood and the workplace. In the present, making school attendance a priority has far-reaching benefits for a student’s development.

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