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Engaging Students Through STEM!


Lino Lakes Elementary STEM School is committed to providing a challenging and engaging learning experience to our students through an integrated STEM education. STEM is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Integrated STEM education involves more student-driven learning, actively engaging students by tapping into their innate love of learning and sparking even higher levels of achievement and success among students of all ability levels.

Today’s students will need to be brighter, sharper, more familiar with inquiry and analysis and have highly developed problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. They will need to be able to do research and have information fluency, to work in collaboration with others, and to integrate new technology into their entire lives. They will need to be able to take initiative, to be motivated and engaged, and they will need to be creative and innovative. STEM education focuses on developing these skills in our students through hands-on, problem-based learning.  Designing our Future!


Through integrated STEM education we will transition from a more traditional, lecture-based educational approach to an integrated STEM problem-based method of instruction.  The ultimate goal is for 33 percent of the school’s curriculum content in third through sixth grade to be taught using that method. Students in kindergarten through second grade will receive exposure to the principle concepts of STEM and will participate in all-school STEM activities throughout the year.

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